Betchill AB Signs Adrenaline Licensing Deal For US Expansion

Published: 22nd May 2021
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 29th January 2023

Adrenaline, the patent-backed technology behind the real-time betting game Football Genius, has signed the first licencing deal with BetChill AB of Sweden. BetChill will be able to broaden its US delivery capabilities as a result of the acquisition, while Adrenaline’s play-by-pay portfolio will expand into the sports betting industry.

BetChill has also created a gaming product that combines stock trading with sports betting, allowing players to wager on the game’s progression using real-time sports data.

Growing diverse portfolio

Founder of BetChill AB Etibar Namazov said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Adrenaline in a deal that will see our high-quality sports games, especially in key US markets, added to their growing, diverse portfolio.”

Casey Huke, CEO of Adrenaline, believes the BetChill deal ushers in a new age for the brand. He said, “We feel strongly that our patent family will shape the future of in-game betting. BetChill has a similar vision of harnessing the huge potential and demand that will be created within the play-by-play betting sector and this partnership will create world class and industry leading technology to fuel that demand.”

The combination of BetChill’s algorithm and AI technology, which is already in use for soccer betting, would have a great partner in Adrenaline’s proprietary technology, according to Namazov.

BetChill integrates data from soccer matches into a graph-based visual platform that shows users how their favourite teams are doing. The Adrenaline technology will be layered on top of the platform, laying the groundwork for introducing the product to in-game betting across the United States.

Football Genius

The original Football Genius was designed to provide coaches with details on their opponents based on a variety of factors such as game situation, player personnel, and other coaches’ tendencies. Adrenaline adapted the technology with sports betting in mind, thanks to its robust algorithms.

Football Genius is based on a collection of proprietary inventions that improve the in-play betting product offering. The patents cover not only placing bets during games, but also betting on individual plays.

Adrenaline’s intellectual property portfolio also covers a number of key aspects of play-by-play betting, such as assisting in the resolution of latency problems during the game and ensuring that the action on the field suits what is displayed in the interface.

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