Uruguay’s Enjoy Punta del Este Casino Complex To Reopen Dec 11

Uruguay’s Enjoy Punta del Este Casino Complex has announced it will reopen its doors on December 11, after 8 months of no operation due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It has also told the company that in partnership with the Uruguayan authorities, it will aim to promote domestic tourism.

Ignacio Sarmiento, GM of the casino complex, said the reopening in December would follow the protocols discussed with the healthcare sector, ‘based on the highest national and international standards’ and with reduced capacity.

“This first phase of reopening, which will take place during the summer season, will allow our partners to return to their jobs and our suppliers to operate again,” he said.

The GM added that it would give them the opportunity to receive Uruguayans and foreign visitors residing in the country, with the objective of adding their offer to the “national government’s internal tourism proposal.”

In addition, Sarmiento said that only four restaurants and a small number of floors in the complex will be available. Furthermore to guarantee the minimum distance between machines and gaming tables, they can change their quarters.

Enjoy Punta del Este also announced that it has built “new entertainment spaces” during the eight months without activities, including the Enjoy Win SportsBar, where it will broadcast sports events and tourists will be able to play for free on the Enjoy Win app.

“When all of this started, it was painful to close our doors. It was time to follow the recommendations from the authorities to stay home and avoid any type of activity that could spread the virus,” said Sarmiento.

“We haven’t been able to open since March, and we’ve been looking for alternatives to [be able to do so]. We were close to our people, our collaborators and their families, to listen to their needs, answer to their concerns and support them in different ways throughout this long process.”