Universal Space Release Bigfoot Crush

Bigfoot Crush has been released by developer and manufacturer Universal Space (UNIS) as a new licenced monster truck game.

The game will form the basis of a range of new products being created for the virtual show UNIS Showcase on 21 October by the company. Live demos of new items, immersive online webinars, guest speaker presentations and other features will be part of the case.

Bigfoot is a well-recognized “character” and the game is a racing experience full of action in which children drive the monster truck, crush vehicles, and perform stunts. While avoiding obstacles along the way, they earn points and bonus items. To control speed, there are levers, including a steering wheel and a gas pedal. The game can be played on two vertically mounted 32 inch screens by one or two players.

Bigfoot 4X4 Inc president and CEO Ann Trent said: “We are happy to be working with Unis on this project. The kids, and their parents are going to love this game.”

“We are thrilled to partner with BIGFOOT® on our new game, BIGFOOT ® Crush!” added UNIS general manager, Steven Tan. “This is a great license and a solid anchor for us in our next generation of family games!”