UniBet Launch Industry First Live Stream ‘Watch&Bet’ player

Kindred Group has announced the launch of a live stream ‘Watch&Bet’ player on the Unibet sportsbook app, which will better cater to sports betting customers’ specific live engagements and preferences on mobile devices.

Unibet’s iOS app will now include a watch&bet player, as well as “live-odds overlay” functionality, giving Unibet mobile customers a single-screen wagering experience.

Unibet claims to have created a ‘industry first,’ allowing sportsbook customers to wager on live sports streams while retaining maximum wagering options.

Android sportsbook app

Unibet’s improved watch&bet player was first made available for football and tennis live streams, but Kindred intends to make its updated player available for its Android sportsbook app as well.

The watch-and-bet improvements, according to Kindred Chief Product Officer Erik Bäcklund, were undertaken as a main initiative, focusing on ensuring that Unibet caters for sports audiences’ live interaction needs and their desired seamless user experience.

Transformation of in-play betting experience

Bäcklund remarked: “Thorough customer feedback capturing and innovative internal workshops, we dreamt up a grand vision of how we can transform the in-play betting experience and with this new Watch&Bet player we are one step closer towards that dream.

“But we are far from done, this is the foundation, to which numerous building blocks will be added and we are all really excited over the upcoming releases for our sports betting customers.”