UniBet Launch BetShare For Personalised Betting Slips

Unibet, which is owned by the Kindred Group, has launched BetShare, a betting tool that allows clients to customise the appearance of their betslip and post it on social media.

Unibet users only have access to the social media-focused betting tool, which was created to “create a sense of community.”

Prior to the European Championship, the betting tool will be launched in the majority of Unibet’s markets; partners in these markets will be free to localise the tool “as they see fit.”

Customers will be able to customise their BetShare accounts using four different options: backgrounds, emojis, text, and paint.

Unibet users can already use the technology, and the company claims it has plans to make it more accessible in the future.

Erik Bäcklund, Chief Product Officer at Kindred Group, said: “Unibet is the first major sports betting brand to bring a sharing tool of this kind to market. The advantage of our players becoming content creators has become a fascinating topic of discussion at Kindred. 

“Our players are increasingly looking to share experiences and bets in our ever-expanding digital landscape, and we are glad to be able to offer them this tool right ahead of the Euros.”

Innovative and exciting tool

Johannes Nijboer, Head of Sportsbook Business Development at Kindred Group, added: “This is truly an innovative and exciting tool. We are rolling it out continuously and the acknowledgement so far has been fantastic.

“However, the product development journey does not stop here. We are incredibly excited to continue the development process with our players and to ultimately craft a tool that sets Unibet apart.”

In recent months, Kindred has placed a strong emphasis on its responsible gambling procedures. It would be interesting to see how this latest invention is received by gambling critics.

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