Under German HQ, Gauselmann Centralises Global Sales Power

German gambling giant Gauselmann Group has announced that it has conducted a review of its revenue and company structures.

The analysis was aimed at representing the evolving market dynamics of Gauselmann, which see the company producing ‘around 60% of its revenues within other European countries and beyond’.

In addition, a new group distribution structure is required as the majority of new business growth has been achieved through the international expansion of its casino games and slot machines that distribute Merkur Gaming company.

“In order to consolidate and expand this success over the long term, the company needs to introduce stringent processes and synergies that will enable it to leverage the full potential of the sales force,” Gauselmann detailed in its statement.

Going forward, Gauselmann Governance emphasised that under the management of its Merkur Gaming headquarters in Lübbecke, located in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia region, all global sales activities will be integrated.

The restructuring will see Gauselmann Group terminating its distribution divisions in North and South America, where staff in its Miami office who are not central to sales or technical support functions have been redundant.

Gauselmann Governance also clarified that its restructuring steps will not impact Sunshine Games, the Las Vegas-based casino games company that will continue to lead content development for the broader group.