Under Dutch Pilot Scheme Holland Casino To Open Six Casinos

As part of the country’s pilot events scheme, Holland Casino has announced that a small number of patrons will be welcomed back to six of its properties later this month.

The decision follows a series of extended closing orders issued by the country’s authorities, the most recent of which was issued in March and will remain in effect until Tuesday, April 20.

According to the latest information from the operator, the casinos in Enschede, Venlo, and Breda will open on Saturday, April 24th, with Amsterdam West, Utrecht, and Leeuwarden following the next day.

The remaining Holland Casino locations in Amsterdam Center, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Zandvoort, Groningen, Nijmegen, Valkenburg, and Eindhoven will be unaffected.

Taking part in the scheme

According to the firm, it is taking part in the experiments to see whether they are a way for casinos to “open faster or gain more space within the existing roadmap,” and that it is “by no means certain whether testing at the casino will really be necessary in the future.”

During the pilots, every Holland Casino guest must complete a quick test in advance at a special Open Netherlands Foundation venue.

A tourist can only enter with a reservation and a negative test stamp, with free checking taking place outside of the establishments in question.

Both visitors must follow simple safety precautions, such as a 1.5 metre separation guideline, and the organisation has its own procedures in place to ensure safe and responsible visits. Curfews, which are actually in effect between the hours of 22.00 and 04.30, are taken into account for as long as they are in effect.

Carrying out scheme safely and responsibly

The firm goes on to say that it will “consult with the municipalities and will do everything in its power to carry out the pilots safely and responsibly. We ask guests who are interested for patience. 

“We will receive further details and elaboration from the government later this week. As soon as we have the operational plan of action ready, we will inform everyone again.”

The government will reveal what will be available after April 20 on April 13, after previously expanding its coronavirus measures. If the statistics show a promising trend, it may be possible to make earlier changes to one or more policies, but if they show a negative trend, measures may be tightened up more quickly.