UK’s Indacoin Grows To Allow Users To Purchase BSV

Indacoin’s digital currency exchange has added support to Bitcoin SV, making it the latest in an growing number of exchanges that allow users to easily purchase BSV. The exchange referred to the increasing demand from users as a key factor in its decision to list. The listing would make Bitcoin available worldwide to 170 countries and make it easy to purchase with more than a dozen fiat currencies.

The listing of Indacoin will allow BSV to be purchased on its trading platform and through its extensive network of partners. Those partners include OKEx, Changelly, and Waves global exchanges. It will be available for purchase via the U.S. dollar, the British pound, the Euro and more than a dozen fiat currencies. Users can also buy BSV using their Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, the exchange announced in a press release shared with CoinGeek.

Guilherme Jovanovic, Indacoin’s Chief Business Development Officer, shared his excitement about BSV’s future, saying: “Enabling BSV direct purchase with the most popular payment methods on the internet—Visa & Mastercard is a big step to increase its global adoption. We are thrilled to bring Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision to a whole new level.”

Indacoin is one of UK’s oldest exchanges, established in 2013. It currently lists over 100 digital currencies, enabling digital currencies to be purchased easily and conveniently through Visa and Mastercard. It has sought to comply with the data security standards of the European Union, and is completely compliant with GDPR. The AML framework analyses from its database for 30 different criteria to ensure that it keeps crime away. Since its fiat support is one of the largest in the industry, it allows its users to eliminate the need for costly currency conversions.

To several, Bitcoin SV has kept claiming its position as the digital currency of choice. The real-time and incredibly low cost make it suitable for everyday transactions.