Ukrainian President Expresses Confidence In Meaningful Gambling Makeover

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing national media, has highlighted confidence in providing robust regulatory frameworks that will’ remove gambling’s history from the streets.’

The newly installed’ Servant-of – the-People’ (SoP) cabinet from Zelensky this October announced that an’ action plan’ had been drafted but no details of the gaming law from SoP have yet been released.

Key to the action plan, Zelensky and SoP seek to eliminate illegal slot machines and illicit gaming operations as an underlying decision of an inexperienced government securing a strong anti-corruption position in Ukraine’s 2019 general election.

Under the’ Prohibition of Gambling Act,’ Ukraine has been functioning since 2009 imposing a blanket ban on all forms of gambling except for Patriot, MSL and UNL lottery operators, which SoP accused of running as cronyism vehicles.

Zelensky told the media that SoP officials are reviewing multiple options for legalising the Ukrainian market and controlling its incumbents.

Zelensky has pointed out that SoP would provide gambling laws that benefit broader industries and business investors in Ukraine, noting that effective legislation can revive the leisure industry in Ukraine.

“We have five-star hotels on the market, but they are very small,” he explained. “There is no way to build a casino yet. We need to test how people will fight for these licenses. We want hotels to be built.”

The President of Ukraine also supported SoP’s stance that gambling funds should be dedicated to promoting education, health care and sports networks.