UKGC Seeks To Recruit Advisors For ‘Lived Experience Advisory’ Unit

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has recommended its partner network to hire ’12 lived experienced advisors’ to help its research unit gain a deeper understanding of the social intricacies of gambling addiction.

On the UKGC’s job board, the positions were promoted, with the advisors becoming a vital component of the ongoing ‘Lived Experience Advisory Group’ (LEAG) of the Commission.

The UKGC, a crucial 2020 directive spearheaded by CEO Neil McArthur, formed its LEAG group this summer to extend its guidance, facts and recommendations on the formulation of effective gambling safety policies , standards and protections and the minimization of risks and harms.

“The Gambling Commission considers a wide range of evidence to inform decisions to make gambling safer for consumers. An essential part of this evidence is input directly from people with lived experience of gambling harms,” The UKGC detailed on its job form.

“The Gambling Commission is now recruiting for a new LEAG team. There are up to 12 Lived Experience Advisor roles available – this includes the role of chair.”

Participating participants will contribute to the Commission’s ongoing ‘expert by experience’ research programmes, as well as engage in working groups on safer gambling standards.

As a former gambler or survivor of gambling violations, the Commission notes that it will only consider candidates who have encountered gambling-related harms, with all candidates dedicated to avoiding gambling harms and strengthening the gambling policies of the United Kingdom.

The Commission aims to serve the broadest cross-section of UK society and promotes applications from women , young people (over 18) and BAME applicants.

The Commission has started to accept applications for its LEAG positions.