UKGC Revokes Dynamic And Sportito’s Licence Due To GAMSTOP Failures

The UK Gambling Commission has announced that it has revoked Dynamic’s licence, who trade as Prophet, along with Sportito’s with immediate effect following the inability of the company to completely implement the self-exclusion system of Gamstop.

The suspension for the two operators comes after all online organisations were told in January that Gamstop involvement by 31 March was a prerequisite of its terms of licence and code of social responsibility.

Sportito had introduced the Gamstop system since the suspension was enforced, with its suspension removed and the analysis continuing.

Neil McArthur, chief executive of the Gambling Commission, stated: “We have made it clear to operators that we are ready and willing to use our powers to protect consumers, as this action demonstrates.

‘’Self-exclusion is an important tool to protect vulnerable consumers, which is why we made it compulsory for all online operators to be signed up to GAMSTOP by 31 March.

“We took action because the operators had not complied by the deadline, which placed vulnerable consumers at risk.

“One of the suspensions has now been lifted as the operator is now compliant.  Our investigations into both operators continue.”

The suspension of the Dynamic licence will remain in effect until the Commission is satisfied that the operator has completely implemented the Gamstop system and complies entirely with its conditions of licence.

This news follows the plea of Gamstop earlier this week that urged people who are concerned about their gambling while trapped at home during the COVID-19 shutdown to “exclude themselves from all websites of online gambling.” The appeal was made for reducing the possibility of problem gambling during the environment of coronavirus.

This followed concerns posed by the Parliamentary Group of the Gambling Related Harm All Party which indicated that the enforced lockdown could lead to increased rates of problem gambling.