UKGC Reports Online Rise In Gambling Amid Restrictions

Significant growth in the online sector has been announced by the UK Gambling Commission, after publishing new figures for the period between March and October.

Statistics have shown how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted betting patterns in Britain, including both online and in-person gambling practises, with data from the high streets of Britain supported by Licensed Betting Operators (LBOs).

The online market saw a 29 percent rise in gross gambling yield (GGY) on a month-on-month basis and a 7 percent increase in active accounts in October.

However, both the number of bets (up by 12 percent) and the number of active players up by 7 percent) have increased, and an increase in operator margins appears to be the key driver for growth. In addition, it reported that in October it anticipated a rise in real event betting figures.

For Licensed Betting Operators, some metrics have increased, such as the amount of bets and spins placed. Bets and spins saw a 9 percent rise in GGY to £ 204 million, which was “volatile due to the impact of sporting event results” indicated by the UKGC.

Moreover, between October and September, the number of customers spending over an hour on online slot sessions increased by 12 percent, while the average session duration is estimated at approximately 21 minutes.

The public body said it has ‘continued to change as the nation reacts to different levels of constraints’ and will remain alert in the light of recent weeks’ new national lockdowns declared.

It also reported that it recently wrote to operators to remind them of the guidelines initially given to online operators in May, which laid down the need for better checks on affordability, the prevention of reverse withdrawals, and limits on bonus offers.