UKGC Launch Public Slot Design Consultation

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has conducted a public consultation on the nature of online slots with the goal of gathering public opinion on improved security for vulnerable players.

The UKGC has proposed a range of measures including new regulations aimed at minimising customers ‘capacity to be affected by their gaming on the most costly goods, electronic slots, and restricting operators’ ability to cancel customer withdrawal requests.

The UKGC had explained in a statement: “We know that the success of many technology companies, digital content creators and gaming machine games designers depends on their ability to establish and maintain the engagement of their consumers on their web, mobile apps and – in premises – gaming machines.

“We also know that speed of play, frequency of betting opportunities, as well as other factors on offer to players can increase addiction and risk of harm. The proposed changes outlined within this document will help to mitigate these risks for slots players.

“Our interest in online slots is because it is the largest online gambling product by gross gambling yield – played by relatively few but with a high average spend. Structurally it has a number of features which can combine to significantly increase intensity of play.

“This means it poses a relatively high risk, reflected in its associated problem and moderate-risk gambling rates.”

In addition, the UKGC emphasised that the plans are ‘just the first step’ in their attempts to keep the players safe.

The statement continued: “Slots is an area which has seen technological innovation in terms of product design and we expect operators to continually show an equal, and indeed greater, commitment to innovate in terms of consumer protection.

“Regulatory intervention needs to keep pace with this and the proposals in this consultation form part of a comprehensive package of work we are taking forward to make online gambling safer.”