UKGC Adds ‘Money And Rights’ On Website

On its website, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has introduced a new dedicated section to educate the general public about their rights and security while engaging in gambling.

The website hosted under the ‘Public and Players’ information category has been introduced with a new’ Money and Rights’ section.

Detailed information on opening accounts, verification of IDs and data rights and storage must be guaranteed by licensed UK gambling operators in this section (online and land-based).

Further public guidance is given on which banks authorise clients to block gambling transactions and on how gambling can influence the credit scores of consumers.

The Commission offers information on challenging disputes and obtaining restitution as a result of becoming a victim of crime related to gambling with respect to player safety.

The section includes further detail on the money and data rights to be guaranteed by licensed operators if a gambling company goes bust, which must be given by their terms and conditions to customers.

Expanded public guidance

The UKGC expanded its public guidance campaigns during 2020 to strengthen customer knowledge of their rights and safeguards that licensed incumbents must maintain.

Campaigns for 2020 focused on public guidelines on rules for ID and player authentication, self-exclusion and consumer rights.