UK Gambling Expert Says 80% Chance Gambling Becomes The New Tobacco

Talking at an online conference on Bet 2020, gambling expert Steve Donoughue made several regulatory predictions concerning the UK gambling industry.

Since the Gambling Commission had put an end to the use of credit cards for betting purposes earlier this year, Donoughue claims that the next priority for increased enforcement would be affordability.

He goes on to say: “We’ll have affordability; that will be the killer. I think we’ll have increased regulation and basically I think we will end up with a limit to what you can lose per month.

“It’ll be purely arbitrary – it will be say, £500 ($623). If you want to lose more than £500 a month, you will have to go and prove to your gambling operator all about your sanity, your wealth, your source of wealth, probably the size of your feet and what you like to eat on a Tuesday.”

Donoughue is of the view that increased enforcement stems partly from a new regional approach to problem gambling.

He claims that regulators ought to avoid putting gambling in the same league as alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs.

Donoughue continued: “The idea is the more gambling is restricted, the more you will reduce problem gambling.

“There is absolutely no evidence that this is the case. Problem gamblers will then go to the black market, where there is no obligation to protect them.

“There is an 80% chance gambling turns into the new tobacco – with no advertising, real restraints on marketing.

“There is a 20% chance of nationalising gambling – one gambling organisation run by the state and that’s it.”