Twitter Partners With UKGC To Offer Users Gambling Guidance

Social media giant Twitter has partnered with the UK Gambling Commission to provide guidance to its users wishing to limit the volume of content related to gambling across the platform.

The guidance is expected to explain the different methods by which Twitter’s security tools and settings can be adjusted within an individual account, which is hoped ‘to help mitigate the risk of exposure to gambling-related messaging and advertisements.’

Katy Minshall, head of UK Public policy at Twitter, said: “Improving the health of the public conversation is our overall mission as is ensuring those on the service feel safe and supported.

“With that in mind, we’re continuing to enforce our policies, specifically around prohibited and restricted ad content as well as assessing the eligibility of ads on our service – these policies apply to all advertisers and advertisements on Twitter.

“We also continue to work with industry partners on tools to support their responsible advertising priorities. We’re happy to partner with the Gambling Commission in providing those on Twitter with information on the tools and controls they can use to manage their experience.”

While Twitter is the first to partner with the project through the UKGC, the regulator has announced plans for partnering with other social media platforms to carry out similar guidelines.

The release includes guidance on: managing’ interests’ within a profile; turning off notifications; using the silent feature; and how to limit betting advertising.

Last October, Chief Executive Neil McArthur raised his concerns about the exposure of gambling advertisements to children, youth and vulnerable adults to the gambling industry. He has encouraged gambling companies to embrace advertising technology and have greater social responsibility.

He said: “Advertising spend has surged over recent years with young people and vulnerable adults being exposed to significant levels of online gambling adverts and via social media.

“This level of exposure is a concern and I have challenged the industry to quickly accelerate opportunities to reduce the amount of advertising seen by young people, children and vulnerable adults across all digital platforms.

“Whilst we work on a plan which sets out new standards for how the industry will embrace advertising technology, I hope that this guidance will play a role in helping consumers to limit the gambling-related content they see on Twitter.”