TVBET Signs Fuksiarz In European Expansion

TVBET, a leading provider of live casino video, has signed a contract with Fuksiarz, a Polish company, to expand its presence in Europe. The brand’s most recent agreement will see it offer live games via the iconic bookmaker.

TVBET is committed to sustained global growth, and the recent partnership with Fuksiarz is yet another step in that direction. The Polish bookmaker is known for selling live sports betting, and the latest deal would allow consumers to play cards and lottery games.

PokerBet and 21Bet

TVBET will initially deliver PokerBet and 21Bet through Fuksiars under the terms of the agreement.

PokerBet is a popular bookmaker game based on the Texas Hold’em Poker rules. Players should anticipate five rounds of play and the opportunity to place any of the following bets: Initial Bet, Pre-flop, Flop, Turn, and River.  21Bet (or Blackjack), which is a common card game with basic rules and a lot of versatility. Two conditional users must score closest to 21 as part of the tie, much like in traditional Blackjack.

The new TVBET studio in Warsaw, Poland, broadcasts TVBET material all over the world. The rest of the workforce are Polish, including TV presenters and technical workers. Thanks to the new relationship, TVBET claims that Fuksiarz players will be more faithful to the deal.

Entertaining content

TVBET is dedicated to delivering entertaining content to its partners that is often well-liked around the world. The business has a wide range of live play, as well as technological supremacy and robust game mechanics. It already announced four games for 2021, with intentions to keep going in that direction.

High quality live-streamed content

Radosaw Baran, COO of, commented on the new expansion: “We are very excited to team up with TVBET. Their products are well recognised in the industry. TVBET is acknowledged for delivering high quality live-streamed content that has proven to be very popular with players. At we focus on providing the users the best possible offer and adding TVBET’s products to our platform diversifies our portfolio and improves the user experience.”

TVBET CEO Peter Korpusenko claims to be familiar with the Polish iGaming industry, having signed several agreements there. The brand is excited to form a new alliance in the same area and to improve its global presence.

He said: “We believe that cooperation with Fuksiarz will help us achieve our goals, and will be productive and fruitful for both sides.”