TVBET Collaborates With Alavara Digital For Turkish Entry

TVBET has entered the Turkish market through a collaboration with Alavara Digital, a provider of betting apps.

As a result of the deal, on a turnkey basis, TVBET will provide online and offline betting software services, while Alavara’s customers will be able to take advantage of TVBET’s entire product range.


This will include the eight games, 1Bet, 5Bet, 7Bet, Lucky6, JokerBet, WheelBet, War of Elements, and FruitRace, which have been accredited by Gaming Labs International (GLI).

All of these games are characterised by random number generation (RNG) mechanics, which Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET said, allows the supplier of live games to offer “100 percent fair and transparent” outcomes to players through its B2B partners.

Korpusenko explained by using RNG mechanics that this could have a positive effect on player trust in the outcomes of live games from the provider.

TVBET is able to expand on its European expansion strategy by entering the Turkish market through an agreement with Alavara Digital, having previously gone live in Italy and Malta where it received GLI certification for five of its games.

GLI’s supporting documents apply only to web-based distribution, but integration with online casinos, sportsbooks and suppliers strengthens the increasing market in Europe for TVBET goods.