TSZ To Launch B2B Sports Content Service

With the goal of providing data-driven insights and analysis for sports betting operators and affiliates, The Stats Zone (TSZ) will launch its new B2B sports content service.

The new service will include coverage of over 300 tournaments for more than 20 different sports, including ‘all major sports, US sports, fantasy sports and big-name esports.’

TSZ hopes that this will help drive engagement, enhance SEO, grow CRM materials, increase dwell time and boost customer experience by creating personalised content.

Rob Esteva, the Managing Director of The Stats Zone, said: “Engaging content is key to any modern-day business as it drives turnover and customer loyalty.

“The Stats Zone continues to grow month-on-month and with all the positive feedback we have received, it has prompted us to launch our B2B business. We are looking forward to enhancing the sports betting sphere with our premium content.”

TSZ offers sports data and content for major sports organisations, as well as betting research and expertise for leading betting syndicates.

The B2B service will be part of the strong emphasis on preview content that is a staple for TSZ alongside SEO and evergreen editorial content.