Triangulation Slot

If you are a punter who loves geometry and shapes, then this slot would appeal to you. In this slot, you will find coloured triangles ranging from purple, magenta, grey, yellow, green, etc., which appears on a larger triangle across the screen. All you need to do is match 4 triangles that have a connection in category 3, and you qualify for the payouts in this game. If you have played the Hexaline game by Microgaming, the software provider for this video slot, then the similarities between the games would make you enjoy the gameplay.

Microgaming gives you a new way of understanding the concept of geometry with this classic game. It is advised that you use the demo mode of the game before going ahead to play the main version of the game because the game has some technicalities, which you might not be able to match. It is not as simple as you might be thinking to match the triangles. Hence the Triangulation Slot Review will give you all of the details you need in this review.

About Triangulation Slot Game

The triangulation Slot game was released on 1 February 2014 by Microgaming. This video slot is all about triangles, and that is all you will see on the game screen. The triangles you will find at the top level is different from the ones you will see below. The colour, which the triangle symbols appear, includes purple, grey, magenta, green, and yellow triangles set in the Silicon Valley environment.

The gameplay also comes with a rewarding cash bonus feature, called the swap out bonus. With this feature, you will be able to exchange at least 3 triangles, whether the green triangle, yellow triangle, or purple triangle, for some other colour that would give you a matching combo on adjacent reels of the online slot game. The category 3 game does not really have a soundtrack, and the graphics used are centralized on the colours of the triangles. The developers probably did not see the need to add extra colours to the viscous flow applications. The triangles already have more than enough colours to beautify the entire reels.

How To Play Triangulation Slot Online

This unpopular slot game can only be found in several casinos with viscous flow applications. The layout of the Triangulation time slot game thus needs to really be examined to avoid any loss or reduction in cash bonuses. Below, you will find a delivery phase process that you can use to set up the wagering requirements of your slot game:

  • You have to ensure that everything you are doing is centered at matching the triangles, especially if you have concerns about cost
  • Once you win a particular combo, the triangles automatically reset itself and bring more random triangle colors
  • Adjust your bet size before you further with the slot if you have concerns about cost
  • Adjust the coin sizes you want to make use of across the paylines

Note that you can play this Triangulation time slot machine on any device whatsoever. You can play the game on your mobile devices, iOS, tablet, or even your desktop device. There is a game’s demo mode to assist your gameplay, and there is the base game version which you would need to play with real money.

Interactive Features

The additional features which the game possesses revolve around the wild symbol and the scatter symbol in the delivery phases of the game. The red triangle represents the wild symbol, and it has the ability to substitute for a triangle colour, which you would need to make a winning combo. There is also a huge payout of 10x your bet stake attached to this correct value feature. There is no progressive jackpot in this card slot.

In using the wilds, you mustn’t forget the importance of the lesser paying symbols, as this card slot game does not come with a free spin feature or bonus feature. The wilds scatter, and the regular payout would all come together to give you rewards in the form of massive payouts. The scatter symbol is not as active as the wild; hence users are not usually interested in what it does in this online slot game.

Game Symbols                        

The game symbols in this time slot mainly revolve around triangles, as the title portrays. All of the triangles have values that you will find rewarding enough to give you the number of payouts you desire. The first triangle is coloured red and is the wild in this classic hot slot machine. It gives you a 10x reward for your staked bet.

The next symbol you would find is the dark triangle coloured red, which pays 5x your bet stake. The yellow triangle gives you 4x your bet stake. On another payline, a green triangle pays 2.5x, and a magenta triangle pays 1.2x your bet stake. The last triangle, which has the least values, is the purple and grey triangle, which pays 0.2x and 0.1x your bet stake.

Bonus Features

There are no additional bonus features in the Triangulation Slot. Still, some people seem to think that the one-armed bandit Triangulation is the bonus symbol of the current category of this slot. With 3 bonus symbols available on the field, you can easily replace any 3 triangles correct value in the slot.

What Symbol Triggers Triangulation Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There are no free spins in this casino slot game. The triangulation device has values that make up for their lack of free spins, and so the developers probably thought it would be best to do away with so many earning features. This would benefit light type slot players interested in boundary type slots for the excitement and thrills it brings.

Paylines and Stakes

There are 5 paylines in this slot, following the number of triangles which the game comes with. In this slot game, you are allowed a maximum win of 2,000 coins after your 1st deposit. The minimum bet you can stake in this game is a $0.1 scale value, and the maximum bet stake is a $5 scale value. The coin sizes in this slot range from 1-10 coins for each line.

Triangulation Slot Game Software

The slot game software for Triangulation is the software company called Microgaming. This software company has its headquarters present in the Isle of Man. They are the creative and innovative brain behind games in this current category and several of the top-class casino games you find in the casinos you visit. They have been around since 1994 and has been the forerunner of mobile games and online casino gaming.

Some of the slots this innovative company has created include Game of Thrones, Immortal Romance, Triple Magic, Voila!, Wacky Panda, Wasabi San, Western Frontier, and the famous Mega Moolah Slot. The company is also the first to have created a branded slot, popularly known as Lara Croft Tomb.

What is Triangulation RTP?

The Return to Player Average of the slot is 96.70%. This RTP serves as a means for players to know how much they stand to gain after betting £100. For most slot players, an average of 95% is stated to be the average, which serves as a benchmark for knowing which RTP is best for a hot slot machine.

Slot Volatility

The Triangulation Slot comes with medium volatility. This means that slot players can go ahead with their gameplay to know that they can get their cash value back if they run into loss as a constant linear function.


To get a winning combination in this wheel of luck slot, you need to match the triangles present adjacent to each other. Once you can land a win in the triangulation device, old triangles will be removed, and new ones will be added to the main triangle, enclosing all other triangles. To achieve the most wins, be sure to target the wilds, which pay more than other symbols.

Slot experts still feel that you should not ignore the lower-paying symbols which serves a linear function in the wheel of luck slot, as they also have their part to play in ensuring that all of the payouts you would make would be worth your bet stakes.