Treasures Mine Slot

Have you ever wondered what it is like digging deep into the ground for treasure? Only that this time, you can do it from the comfort of your device. Treasure Mine offers you a surreal experience into the depths of the Treasure Mine to harvest your share of the bountiful treasures that line the mine. And you will not be going alone, as Red beard will be accompanying you on this wealth voyage.

This online slot game uses its exceptional graphics to offers another intriguing experience for players. It has numerous bonus features which are rewarded in treasures, making the game worthy of its name. There are also lots of interactive features including the special symbols that roam the reel during spins. This slot game is a wonderland, and this online slot review will do well to guide you through the features the game has in store for you.

About Treasure Mine Slot

This video slot is a collection of cartoon characters, which you might be familiar with as well. The background resonates with the overall interface appearance. The reels are set between a dungeon of treasure, with a lit lamp dangling on the left side. The right side displays a small view of glowing treasures, and you might also get to notice the pickaxe that will be your companion in this digging adventure.

The game is a five (5) slot with 40 paylines, and a wide range of stakes for players to choose from. Depending on how much you would like to dig out, you have the option of placing your bet to as high as £500. Your stakes do not go unnoticed too, as there are lots of casino bonuses waiting to be redeemed with your stakes.

There is a high chance that you land big on the game too, because of the high-paying symbols that appear at frequent intervals and the high number of paylines available, therefore you should expect a large payout from this game. The game sure provides you options for three different base game features and the arcade-style bonus rounds also surface once in a while, so you can win up to 1000x.

How To Play Treasure Mine Slot Online

When playing this game, ensure you try out the demo game to discover anything you might be kissing before you play with real money. The slot game can be played on any online casino following the steps below:

  • First, find the game on the online casino you prefer and click it to open it.
  • After opening the game, allow it to load then click the PLAY button to load its main gaming interface.
  • After you are facing the game’s interface, click on the STAKE button on the lower-left section of the screen to change the preset value of £2. You can set as high as £500 during a single spin.
  • The next step is to spin the reel using the yellow spin button on the right lower side of the screen. This button spins once, and you can choose to decrease the time it uses between spins.
  • The AUTO spin button can also be used alternatively. The button allows your game to continue automatically and only stops when it is either stopped, reaches the loss limit, or reaches the number of spins you inputted when you use the function.

If you are a desktop loving player, you will surely have a lovely time with this mobile gaming slot on any of your desktop browsers. You can also choose to play the game via your mobile phones, all you need to do is use any of your web browsers. Or you can also check out the mobile apps which can be installed on the game and used to enjoy the slot game. Tablet users can also play the game on their devices.

Interactive Features

If you have pictured a series of dull symbols, then allow Treasure Mine to smash your heart. This online slot has a bunch of symbols that are in full support of amusing gameplay. Of course, there are the regular low-value symbols (A-10), that are commonly found on every slot game. There are also special features and symbols such as red beard, dragon, and treasure. Each of these symbols has its value when landed in the right combination on the reel. Check out other bonuses that this game has to offer you.

The Wild Feature: To your surprise, there are three (3) extra wild symbols on this game. They are the high-paying cards and include the Red beard wilds, the Treasure wilds, and the Dragon wilds as an additional wild. When there is two or more combinations of wilds, they bring forth magic! If the Red beard appears with the Treasure, it leaps on it and gathers as many coins as possible. The more it accumulates, the higher your payouts.

 Dragon Wild Feature: When the Dragon wilds land on screen with the Treasure wild symbol, the pesky dragon breathes fire over the symbols and gives you bigger wins by multiplying the symbols it blows over.

Fun Arcade-style Bonus Round Feature: Land three (3) bonus symbols and this feature is all yours. What does this it do? Well, it gives you a Treasure Run bonus round which allows you to collect gems of various colors as you ride along with the mine in his gold cart. Each of these gems has different cash values, and your total bonus funds are calculated based on the number of jewels you can collect.

What Button Triggers The  Treasure Mine Bonus Free Spin

Treasure Mine lacks free spins feature, but who would even want that anyway, with the intriguing bonus offers the game offers in its stead.

Paylines and Stakes

There are 20 Paylines in this video slot game which has 5 reels. The stakes range between a minimum of 20p to a maximum of £500.

Treasure Mine Slot Game Provider

Red Tigers Gaming Company is the developer behind this masterpiece, and also produces games like Pirates Plenty The Sunken Treasure and loads of others. As the company is known for quality games with high definition animations and graphics, this is another fine work from their desk. The game has smooth gameplay and can be played on various types of devices. The concept behind the game is also worthy of commendations to the team of game developers. Since its inception in 2014, the company has been licensed by the UKGC and MGA, all for the interest of the slot players.

What Is Treasure Mine Slot RTP?

Treasure Mine has an RTP of 95.2%. When compared to other slots, like Temple of Gold, the game has an average return to player. The RTP might even be lower than anticipated with the number of paylines on the slot.

Slot Volatility

The game is a medium volatility slot. Hence, you can expect payouts on average during gameplay


Nothing sums up fun, action, and rewards than Treasure Mine slots. This is a game worthy of its name because of the many bonus features it welcomes players with. The graphics are well served on a platter of sparkling jewel backgrounds too, and the music is decent for the concept. Players don’t have to get confused with the paylines as massive winning is very easy and often triggered.

The game also has an average RTP and the impressive payouts, bonus game features, and cash prizes will certainly outweigh the deposits as long as you have good luck and a flair for digging. Treasure Mine is a good online slot recommendation for players who love to dig their ways into the jackpot of jewels and treasures.