Transport For London Ordered To Remove All Gambling Ads

Transport for London (TfL) has been ordered to remove all gambling adverts from the capital’s public transportation systems.

The decision is said to have come from London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s administration, which had promised to ban gambling adverts on public transportation as a re-election pledge.

Khan was reminded of his vow by Green Party leader Siân Berry’s statement to the London Assembly this week, according to the Evening Standard.

No clear time frame

The Mayor of London was questioned about why Transport for London (TfL) had not offered a clear timeframe for eliminating gambling advertisements, despite Khan’s mayoral vow.

Khan said that TfL has been directed to bring the matter forward as soon as possible and implement the ban on gambling adverts.

TfL said that it had received Khan’s directions and was evaluating how to implement the restriction efficiently in the absence of a current timetable on the transport network.

According to the Evening Standard, TfL will lose between £13 and £25 million in annual advertising revenue as a result of the decision.

TfL has been encouraged by advertising standards and consumer organisations to strengthen its monitoring and examination of so-called “risky adverts” that promote financial and alternative investments.

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