Traffic Puma Turns To US Market With

With the launch of, Traffic Puma, operator of the European affiliate Wisegambler website, has turned its attention to the US sports betting market.

The company said it plans to use the platform to introduce new items to gamblers on the US market, while offering responsible information to help them enjoy an improved experience. aims to provide US gamblers with a wide range of information, tips, and support, but will only be accessible to players in those US states where online gaming has been completely legalised.

Director Ken Larsen quickly agreed that Traffic Puma is moving into a market that has already developed affiliate-space competition.

He remarked: “As this is a relatively recent change (legalisation of sports betting), the US gambling market has a lot of potential, but it also means that Traffic Puma is not the only marketing affiliate site to make the move to the US territory to make their mark on the industry.

“With that being said, it’s important for affiliates to stand out from the crowd and we hope we will.”