Tory’s Mirror Labour And Lib-Dem Promises Of Reforming Gambling Act

Mirroring Labour and Lib-Dem promises, the Conservative Party notes that after releasing its manifesto for the 2019 General Election,’ Get Brexit Done–Unleash Britain’s Potential ‘ it will approve a reform of the Gambling Act.

Speaking on Sunday in Telford (Shropshire), PM Boris Johnson delivered a 60-page document outlining how the Conservative government would’ forge a new Britain ‘ beyond EU constraints.

A confident PM pointed out that if the Conservative Party were to gain a majority, it would order Parliament to move forward with its proposed Brexit deal, enabling the UK to leave the EU by January 2020.

The Conservative Party, central to the manifesto, seeks to update the digital codes of the UK, stating that it will ‘legislate to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online’.

Johnson emphasised in his speech that the government is going to protect children from digital harms and’ the most vulnerable from accessing harmful content’

In reference to the Gambling Act, Johnson said his legislation had become an ‘analogue law in a digital age’. “We’re going to review it,” he said before specifying that this legislative make-up audit would include loot boxes and’ misuse of credit cards.’

UK youth charities and England’s Children’s Commissioner have raised concerns about the lack of regulation on loot boxes, described as randomised in-game purchases that may mirror gambling mechanisms.

Parliament is currently awaiting the results of the House of Lords’ Select Committee’s report on the Gambling Industry’s social and economic effect on UK society. The Lords Committee interviewed former gambling addicts in its new hearing on their access to loans and credit lending–explaining how they could circumvent programmes.