Tomakomai City’s IR building Groups Mobilise

Political and business groups are mobilising their forces in favour of building an IR in Tomakomai City in an attempt to ensure that Governor Naomichi Suzuki of Hokkaido decides to move forward with the planned IR proposal.

Four leading business associations–the Hokkaido Economic Federation, the Hokkaido Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Hokkaido Association of Corporate Executives, and the Hokkaido Tourism Organisation–suggested in the latest action that they will release a “joint emergency declaration” calling for an IR bid.

Governor Suzuki has already replied that as he makes his final decision, he will use this joint statement as a “guide.”

In the town of Tomakomai itself, pro-IR activity remains brisk. Sixteen members of the Tomakomai City Council, representing a majority of the chamber, submitted a formal request to Mayor Hirofumi Iwakura for urban IR growth. Of course, the pro-IR mayor was quite happy to receive such an application as he himself worked in this direction for a long time.

In addition, Mori Trust, the largest Tokyo-based real estate company, announced that it was prepared to make an investment of 250 billion yen (around US$ 2.3 billion) to create a large-scale resort in Tomakomai, including a five-hundred-room hotel and about 1,000 villas.

This resort is designed for a location very close to the IR site of the candidate in Uenae, and it seems to be an effort to create a facility that would have synergies with an IR creation.