The Sunday Times Highly Commends Camalot

As revealed last night, Camelot UK took 35th spot in The Sunday Times Best 100 Mid Companies 2020 list. Placing the National Lottery operator on the list represents the 100 mid-category firms with the highest Best Companies Index ratings.

To order to be part of the’ mid’ group, a company must hire at least 250 full-time employees and receive one of the category’s top 100 Best Companies Index ratings.

Nigel Railton, CEO of Camelot said: “I’m absolutely delighted that Camelot has been recognised as one of the best companies to work for in the UK. I’ve been with Camelot since 1998 and have always known it’s a remarkable place to work.

“Since being appointed CEO in 2017, and with the help of our fantastic People Team and some great advocates around the business, we’ve worked really hard to make everybody feel truly valued and engaged.“

Since 1994 Camelot has been the official National Lottery operator. Together they have raised over £ 40 billion in the last 25 years for good causes.

This recognition comes just a month after Camelot has joined consumer preparation for the next step of ‘ Being A Responsible Retailer Supporting Healthy Play.’

After two years of research and growth, Camelot will now see its retail partners gain access to face-to-face refresher training with a new leaflet called’ Supporting Healthy Play.’

Railton also added: “We’ve also focused on helping them to fully appreciate that the work they do changes lives in two ways – through the winners that The National Lottery creates, with more than 30 millionaires each month, and the Good Causes that National Lottery players support to the tune of over £30 million each and every week.”

The future of Camelots with the National Lottery is under pressure as they face rivals’ competing bids, including Sir Richard Branson for the 2023 lottery deal.