The Saracen Casino Resort Hosts Soft Opening Ahead Of Plan

The Saracen Casino Resort is presently being built in Pine Bluffs, Arkansas by the Quapaw Nation. It was announced back in June that the tribe planned to create a casino annex with more than 300 electronic games, a minimal version of the casino. The new annex was scheduled to open earlier this week.

However, the Saracen Casino Annex enjoyed a soft opening on Friday at 6 pm, four days before the grand opening scheduled for tomorrow. The annex is 15,000 square metres in size and linked to the Saracen Q Store, the Southern Edge Truck Stop’s former house.

In addition to 300 slot matches, the estate provides a complete service bar. The centre is said to be a glimpse of what is to be provided at the bigger Saracen Casino, which will have a size of 80,000 square feet and includes a hotel with 300 guest spaces on 13 floors.

Commenting on the soft opening, Saracen spokesperson Carlton Saffa said: “This is our surprise for the community. This is our 100-day casino. We started it 100 days ago and here we are, open for business.”

Friday’s soft opening in Pine Bluff was scheduled to be just an invite-only event, according to Saffa. Since concern was so big, however, the scheme was altered to open the estate to all. Word distributed rapidly through social media and the location had a full parking lot through the opening moment, and customers were waiting in line to get in.

The Annex and Q Store hire just over 230 staff, and the building of the primary resort is ongoing for around 400 people. Finally, the building site’s workforce will be boosted to approximately 1,000 individuals. Once the project is finished, more than 1,100 continuous jobs are anticipated.