The Romanian Lottery Launch Campaign Encouraging Vaccinations With Free Draws

The Romanian lottery has launched a lottery campaign encouraging citizens to get vaccinated.

Members of the public who have been vaccinated can join a free draw as part of the “get vaccinated and win” campaign.

Players can enter the draw by purchasing a lottery ticket for any of the games, including Loto 6/49, Joker, and Loto 5/40, between June 14 and 27.

Players will be required to put their personal information on coupons and deposit them in specific boxes situated at Romanian Lottery offices.

Romania could be taking cues from states in the United States that have undertaken similar vaccination initiatives.

Lotteries of $1 million have been organised in the United States to induce the general people to get their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Romanian alternative will award five prizes worth LEI 10,000 ($2459.91) and a prize of LEI 50,000 to people who have completed the national vaccination programme.

The winners of the lottery have been confirmed and will be announced on July 4th.

Sebastian-Iacob Moga, General Manager of the Romanian Lottery, said: “Vaccination is the only solution to hasten the end of this pandemic that has changed the lives of many Romanians and the chance to return to a normal life.

“I am confident, like many of our peers, that only if we are healthy can we enjoy life and we respond to the challenges that lie ahead.” 

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