The Mill Adventure And Casinobud Launch Groundbreaking Social Casino Concept

White label and gaming network provider The Mill Adventure and Casinobud were delighted to introduce what is hailed as a “groundbreaking new social casino concept”. launched in Finland in July, claiming that it was “first online syndicate betting feature for video slot and live casino products,” with more European jurisdictions following suit.

The organisation offers players an experience of competitive gaming that encourages them to play casino games in group sessions together, pooling their money to reach for collective wins.

Dario Arruda, co-founder and CEO of The Mill Adventure, praised the bid as a game-changing product: “Casino players have been craving that social interaction, and Casinobud offers them exactly that,” he says. “I definitely believe this industry first product has a huge future in the casino vertical, and can’t wait to see how it evolves over time.

“Together with Casinobud, I believe we have created something new and unique here, while making sure it’s done in the right way.

“Our mission at The Mill Adventure is to provide world-class and innovative igaming platforms, solutions and services that allow companies, from startups to top-tier brands, to remain relevant to their players. We’re doing this by inventing new concepts, operating with an expert team and improving efficiency in all sectors.

“Casinobud is a fantastic example of our commitment to this mission, and I’m thrilled to showcase this cutting-edge concept as part of our ever-growing portfolio of innovations.”

The offer allows players to play online with either a community of friends or other Casinobud players, with one member taking responsibility as captain and others being able to monitor the progress, chat and connect. You can also stream sessions live via Twitch, allowing Casinobud non-users to tune in and watch.

Casinobud CEO Fredrik Sehlstedt said he was delighted to finally see the idea come to life: “The concept itself has existed in other verticals within gaming like sports betting and lottery for some time, both in physical shops and online to a certain extent, but it has not yet been made available for all product verticals such as online casino.

“This is a very exciting moment for us and the cooperation we have had with The Mill Adventure, from the planning stage to execution, has exceeded our expectations.

“The strong technical experience and knowledge from The Mill Adventure, and our product vision, was a perfect and essential match to reach the mutual goal for this exciting, yet challenging feature to become a reality.

“What we have launched is just the tip of the iceberg. Together, we are exploring new features, as well as new market opportunities. We have some very exciting times ahead of us and expect to make a big impact on the online casino industry.”