YGAM Links Up With Betknowmore In ‘Purposeful’ Partnership

Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust and Betknowmore aim to provide a “purposeful, authentic and genuine” relationship after a new link-up has been introduced by the charity and support service.

The non-profit organisations, both of which occupied a portion of the ground floor as part of the inaugural Safer Gambling Forum at last month’s CasinoBeats Summit, are to combine their mutual expertise.

This is to be achieved by two new training models that aim to reach more practitioners in the business, universities, students and clients than ever before.

YGAM has more than trebled the amount of young and vulnerable people it has implemented its educational programme to over 1,700 schools and youth organisations over the past twelve months, reaching over 180,000 individuals.

Through the roll-out of a new peer education programme, it is expected that three times the number of students compared to last year will be achieved, bringing the total to 56,000 and offering targeted, part-time job opportunities for eight part-time university students.

Lee Willows, CEO and founder of YGAM, explained: “I am so excited at the prospect of working even closer with Frankie Graham, a good friend and mentor. Our organisations have been generating purposeful impact for over five-years and we are both working with some incredible businesses in the gambling space.

“We are looking forward to working with our friends and colleagues in the gambling sector specifically to compliment the current direction of travel by operators to put social responsibility and safer gambling at the heart of their businesses.”

Five years of mutual growth and networking with companies and individuals from across the UK and global gaming spectrum were strengthened by the current formal relationship.

Frankie Graham, CEO of Betknowmore UK, added: “Lee and I have been friends, critical friends, champions and motivators to each other and the organisations we have developed.

“We have always asked how we might combine our skills, experience and insight in this space to drive greater social impact. We believe we have found that special sweet spot and it lies in providing the gambling sector with authentic, accredited training.”

Adding: “What makes our training totally unique is 100 per cent of the profits are donated to Betknowmore UK and YGAM to enable our organisations to deliver our social purpose, which we both seek to build upon in 2020.”

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