UGW 2020 First Programme To Revive Ukraine’s Gaming Industry

On January 16, 2020, Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s unicameral parliament, adopted draft law No 2285-d, which in first reading legalises gambling in the country. 260 Members of Parliament have voted in favour. The new bill removes two paragraphs, and has raised players’ minimum age (21) compared to the previous version.

At first reading, adoption of the draft law has become the starting point for the revival of the Ukrainian gambling industry. It still has to go through some steps of the legislative process, but the concept of what the legalisation would look like is already there. Ukrainian Gaming Week (UGW 2020) system is being planned in the same direction, reports Gioco news.

UGW 2020 organisers have been monitoring the government’s research on basic and alternative draft legislation. As parliament has made its decision, organisers are preparing the largest specialised event in the world taking into consideration all permits and limitations. It will include a two-day showcase with top market participants on the gaming market, and two conference days.

The first day dedicated to such sectors will be:

  • online casino;
  • betting shops;
  • slots;
  • lotteries;
  • online poker.

Attendees will enjoy presentations on the second day based on real cases from market players UGW 2020 focused on supporting the legalisation initiative. It will no doubt fill the budget, boost medium-and large-scale businesses, generate new investment, develop the tourism sector and create new jobs.

The key issue for the gambling business is the fact that 95 per cent of the population does not understand its specifics and obvious benefits, reacting negatively on the matter. It is the duty of its members to correct the picture of the gambling business. Therefore, establishing a nice climate for its growth and developing a positive vision for the beginning is crucial.

On 11-12 March, UGW 2020 will put together everyone interested in developing the Ukrainian gambling industry. The conference’s experts will share their expertise and working approaches, as well as discuss key steps needed to advance the market. Exhibitors should show their best practises which will help the company to successfully launch.