Ten Elements Slot

Ten Elements is an Asian-themed slot game developed by Red Tiger Gaming. This game transports you to the Orient with dreamy music and an enchanting art style that almost like your screen has been brushed with watercolor paints.

The main character of this slot game is a warrior Geisha Girl and she is ready to fill your screen with magic with her ten weapon wilds. Yes, this slot game features ten wild symbols, as well as scatters and a free spins feature. The game features a very wide range of betting options so that any type of player can find an option that suits their budget.

In this Ten Elements Slot description casino Review, we will discuss how the game is played, the special features and casino bonuses that are offered, and how to win on this 40 payline game.

About Ten Elements Slot Game

Ten Elements Slot Game is a video slot that features five reels, and 40 fixed paylines in the base game. The theme of this online slot is an Asian theme, and this is evident in the game design.

The screen displays a dreamy landscape of a city floating in the clouds. The graphics offer a range of colours. Purple ribbons adorn the reels which are set up behind a beautiful scroll. The sky behind is filled with soft clouds and behind the clouds is a magic fantasy landscape of floating buildings. 

The game features a wide array of extra bonus features, the most notable of these being the Ten Weapon Wilds wielded by the Geisha Girl. Other than these wilds, the game also features scatters symbols that lead players to the bonus free spins feature. The maximum payout of the game is 1837x the initial bet.

The game features a light color palette with pastel colors and the symbols on each reel include classic symbols found in many Asian-themed games. The graphics of the game are stunning and are bond to leave any player awed. The audio track featured in the game is very complementary to the visuals as well, serenading players with a serene sound. 

How to Play Ten Elements Slots Online

The playing procedure is outlined below for ease of understanding

  • The screen of the game displays the paytable which shows players the symbol values.
  • Players can begin by setting their stakes at the bottom left corner of the screen. The plus and minus symbols will assist with this.
  • The yellow spin button at the bottom right is used to spin the reels.
  • There is also the autoplay option which is featured in all of our favorite games.
  • The turbo option is also available.
  • As is common for most casino games, players can win on a spin by landing matching symbols consecutively on a payline. This can be displayed in the demo game. The paylines all start from the leftmost reel on this video slot machine. 
  • The wild and scatter symbols are also featured on the spinning reels.

Ten Elements can be played on any video slot machine. It can also be accessed on any devices or gadgets that are powered by Apple, Android, or Windows operating systems.

Interactive Features

It is similar to other low variance mechanical slot machines in that it has a special element to guarantee player wins. This element is the wild symbols of which there are ten. The wild symbols offer all the regular bonuses that would be expected of them though their number and varying sizes keep the game interesting and allow players to claim bonus prizes. The free spins option is another way for players to claim bonus prizes. The wild symbols may come as normal wilds or full-reel wilds which adds an element of fun to the game and allows for more chances to claim bonus prizes. 

Symbols– The slot features symbols in batches according to their payouts. The first batch is a set of classic symbols from the original slot machine design in the form of painted-on card symbols from 10 through to the Ace. The cards are a staple in online slots and have a payout of 4x to 48x. The next are themed symbols of the yin and yang symbol, a hand fan, a lotus flower, and a fun caterpillar character. These symbols have payouts ranging from 20x the initial stake to 288x. 

Wild symbols – This slot machine offers ten different wild symbols as part of its extra features. These wilds do not appear as your typical dragon wilds but come in the form of weapons to be wielded by the main character of the game. These weapons include swords, shields, orbs, and many others in swirls of blue and purple. These wilds can also appear on the reels and fill up more than one cell, either in a 2×2 format, 3×3, or even 4×4. The wilds offer huge payouts whenever they land on the reels and each one can yield up to 888x the player’s initial stake.

Scatter symbols – The scatter symbol is the free spins symbol which lands on the reels and gives players bonus free spins.

Also, it’s important to note that autoplay feature and fast play options are available.

What Symbol Triggers Ten Elements Slot Bonus Free Spins? 

The free spins symbol is a scatter symbol on the reels of Ten Elements. There are many different ways that casinos implement scatter symbols. In this version, three of the symbols appearing on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reel at once triggers the bonus free spins feature. The player gets the chance to select one of three glowing orbs which reveal the number of free spins that they have won. Wild symbols will also appear during the free spins which allow players to win even higher cashouts. These wilds could be normal wild or full-reel wild. On each 10th free spin, players a guaranteed a 4×4 wild symbol.

Paylines and Stakes

The minimum bet that a player can stake is 0.20 and the maximum is 500. Also, the base game of Ten Elements slots features 40 fixed paylines.

Ten Elements Slot Game Software

Ten Elements Slots s powered and manufactured by Red Tiger Gaming. Red Tiger is an online slot game provider that was founded in 2014, and produces popular slots like Mega Dragon. The company has a very impressive gameplay history and are well known for giving players a twist in the game such as an insane payout or an exciting bonus game. Their game releases have won multiple prizes in different categories from manufacturing to gameplay to distribution and user experience.

What is Ten Elements Slots RTP? 

The RTP of Ten Elements slot is 95.47% RTP stands for Return to Player percentage, and this is a value that lets players know what percent of their initial stake they are likely to make back. Ten Elements has a low return to player percentage compared to the average slot machine in the industry.

Slot Volatility

This is a low volatility slot game. Slot volatility or slot variance refers to the chances of winning a player has in an online casino as well as the jackpot amount that the casino offers. Low volatility means that players have a higher chance of winning, but the jackpot prizes are much lower. 


Ten Elements is a beautifully designed video slot from Red Tiger Gaming, similar to sister slot The 100k Drop. The game features well-designed graphics and effects which can be credited to the talented graphic artist team of Red Tiger. The lovely colour scheme and design of the game make the spinning reels a gorgeous sight. The audio track played in the background is smooth and atmospheric and the visual effects are the same.

The game has an unusual setting in that there is no definite storyline. There is magic, weaponry, and art, and the only through-line is that the game is of an Asian theme. The wild symbols serve as an active bonus as do the free spins symbols but it would have benefitted the game to also feature a bonus game. There are no other regular bonuses besides the wilds and scatters.

This slot has a low return to player percentage which can be looked down upon in other video slot machines and online casinos but the few bonus features that the casino offers are enough to put it on par with some other casino games and mechanical slot machines. It is highly recommended.