TDP And PA Betting Team-Up For Live Global Horse Racing Data Distribution

Total Performance Data (TPD) and PA Betting Services have formed a ‘business transformative partnership,’ allowing TPD to increase the global distribution of its live horse racing data to all sports betting stakeholders.

Over 40 bookmakers across the world will have access to the data provided by the professionals in tracking live horse racing events, monitoring rider performance, and in-play odds.

The agreement could ‘spark a £1 billion turnover rise for in-play racing odds,’ according to dealmakers, with TDP data being greatly expanded to UK and US bookies.

Shake-up of betting industry

TDP CEO Will Duff Gordon stated that the betting industry is about to undergo the “biggest shakeup in race betting data in decades.”

“PA Betting Services was our natural partner given their dominance of race data integrations with bookmakers,” Gordon commented.

“Their long history at providing pre-race data and prices means they have well-established relationships which we hope to leverage. This is another very exciting deal that makes it as easy as possible for Operators to capture more racing turnover. “ 

TDP continues to work on offering new technologies for horse racing in order to engage with a bigger betting audience after striking its largest distribution deal to date.

‘Place markets and match bets for live racing’

TDP revealed that its tech teams had began work on building ‘place markets and match bets for live racing,’ as well as additional market capabilities like a ‘stake insurance’ product and partial cash-out on a racehorse’s performance.

PA Betting Services’ Head of Business Development, Richard Duncan, said: “We are delighted to be working with TPD to extend the reach of their horse racing product and are pleased to be able to offer these prices after the off. We look forward to working with Operators to surface these prices as seamlessly as possible.”

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