Table Trac Inc Launch Casino Management Suite

Table Trac Inc. has launched a suite of casino management system solutions that seek to provide a healthy and socially responsible gaming experience for gaming venue customers, taking into account the challenges raised by social distancing protocols.

Using live casino floor occupancy data, CasinoTrac CMS provides a live feed for digital signage, outdoor and website that assists and alerts operators who decide the secure number of additional guests that can be allowed onto the gaming floor. The constantly updated signage is planned for display at the casino entrance and will alert waiting guests and security on entry.

According to the company, the quality and range of games is a difficult task for casinos as they envisage having to put out-of-service games on their floor to make the room socially accessible.

A dynamic, automated social distance algorithm changes this by encouraging guests to start playing at any game, and the programme dynamically puts the surrounding games out of service to other patrons, thus imposing distance rules without getting their favourite game out of service.

Cleaning and disinfecting the games that were in play is an essential aspect of responsible procedures for reopening. A Clean and Disinfect (C&D) map has been introduced by CasinoTrac CMS that shows games where play has recently ended and directs the property to support the unit. Casino cleaning workers use their ID at the game to provide staff and management input and information on the gaming floor’s cleanliness.

Chad Hoehne, CEO and President commented: “We are always committed to developing and providing value for our customers with products and ideas to enhance the casino experience, but there was even a higher level of urgency to innovate a solution in this environment. We are demonstrating our effectiveness in the collective industry effort to responsibly reopen the casinos.”