Table Tennis Most Unexpected New Sport For Betting

Even without basketball, baseball, hockey, sports bettors are always going to consider something fun to get an game on. Although we’ve seen strong signs of a few behaviours that became favourite sports betting during the COVID-19 era, pure hard data now gives us an indication of betting public’s unsung favourites.

Bodog was kind enough to send us a peek at the top 10 leagues to earn amount of sports betting because the major sports leagues were suspending their seasons. Although the list includes some no brainers, such as MMA and esports, there are still quite a few surprises in the list.

A conventional favourite is high on the list. While the normal top leagues have suspended their seasons, the coronavirus has still not stopped soccer anywhere, and for most sport wagers at Bodog, club friendly ranked number one. The Primera division and the Belarussian Vysshaya Lida were also on the list at the 8th and 9th positions.

And while their season has been suspended by the NBA, basketball still continues. Now the fifth most common betting league is the Russian MLBL league, and the Taiwan champion followed in sixth.

Table tennis was the most unexpected new sport.  Pro league. At Bodog, Moscow placed second in all sports betting leagues, led by the TT-Cup. Such leagues have easy matches to dissect, with live streams quickly found. The opportunity for action, once you look for it, is very clear.

Then there’s Esports, of course. The CS: GO ESL Pro Season 11 places in fourth position on the list. The league is building on its increasing momentum at a time when the dearth of betting options is pretty obvious, with teams able to continue playing from their operational bases.

Also on the list is the UFC, which has continued to have events, ranking a relatively disappointing 7th spot.

Yet what would be a list of sports bets without any good old NFL football? While it’s not even the right time of year for NFL action, NFL 2020 simulations found their way to the tenth place on the list, creating potentially a new sports betting paradigm where it’s time for all year round football action.