Synergy Blue Introduce Latest 2600 Series Cabinet Inspired By Original Atari

Synergy Blue introduced their latest 2600 series of cabinets. Inspired by the original Atari 2600 console and designed in collaboration with Atari ‘s founder Nolan Bushnell himself and often credited as the Father of the video game industry, the new cabinet series takes gaming in arcade style to casino floors.

Constructed with contemporary players in mind, the 2600 series provides elegant and smooth gameplay along with numerous arcade-style controls such as steering wheels, joysticks, buttons and more. The 2600 series offers more variety of machines and casino games for casino floor owners, which keeps players on casino floors longer and appeals to diverse and growing casino demographics.

Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Blue said: “The Atari 2600 introduced an entire generation to the fun and excitement of video games.

“When we began working on cabinet ideas, we kept coming back to the nostalgia that gamers around the world have for the original 2600, but we wanted to update it with today’s players in mind. Synergy Blue’s 2600 cabinet series combines ‘fun you can bet on’ with arcade-style design to provide a fresh look for casino floors and an entertaining experience for players, from joysticks to drivers.”

The 2600 series is licenced UL / CE / FCC and available in versions XL (40ins. wide-set), Slant Top (28ins. width), or bar top. Designed with proprietary HAWG platform from Synergy Blue, the 2600 series works smoothly with all the immersive games from Synergy Blue.

The 2600 series is also fitted with Blue Safe Touch technology that integrates innovative safety measures for the continued cleanliness and sanitary playing conditions for today’s casino gaming environments.

Pending patent antimicrobial / germ inhibiting contact surfaces and UVC air filtration — meeting strict US requirements. EPA, BPR, ISO, and JIS from the E.U.

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari added: “The 2600 has been a hallmark of video game console design. Bringing the 2600’s arcade-style design to casino floors and sharing the excitement of video games with players not only reminds them of the fun of the past, but elevates the fun of today. Synergy Blue is well poised to bring arcade-style fun to the floor of every casino and the 2600 series is just the start.”