Sydney Jockey Charged With Multiple Betting Crimes

Sydney jockey Adam Hyeronimus was charged with multiple betting crimes after it was found that between 2016-2019 he had wagered on races.

Hyeronimus was found guilty of 30 out of 31 illicit betting charges published by the Sydney Morning Herald, in addition to presenting misleading proof to a stewards’ enquiry.

Hyeronimus made $500 bets on two horses he was riding, as well as 29 bets on thoroughbred horse racing from 2016 to 2019.

Racing NSW stewards find Hyeronimus guilty, along with associate Blake Paine, of the jockey serving a possible two-year minimum ban on racing. In due course the length of the sentence will be determined.

The bets placed through Paine allegedly ranged over the three-year period from $100 to $2000, with bank transfers, phone records and betting statements used to support the stewards’ case.

Perhaps the jockey transferred money to Paine, who appeared to be branded ‘savings’ or ‘gift.’ Subsequently, once the funds arrived in Paine ‘s account, they were transferred to a second account depositing the same amount into his Sportsbet account.

“Having regard to AH not transferring funds into BP account prior to the bet being placed, the Stewards are not satisfied to the requisite standard that Mr Paine placed the bet for Mr Hyeronimus,” the stewards report read.