Swiss Gaming Regulator Renamed As Gespa

The Swiss Lottery and Betting Commission, known as Comlot, will have a new name, according to official sources. In the future, the regulator will rebrand Gespa and will also gain all of the former operator’s rights and functions. Gespa will also be responsible for supervising the sports betting and lottery market in Switzerland.

More On the Authority

The Swiss regulatory body consists of six members, including the chairman and two members from Switzerland’s French and German-speaking areas. It also has a delegate from the country’s Italian speaking region.

Following the new reform, former Comlot Commissioners will be elevated to ex-officio members of the Supervisory Board of Gespa, and the office of the new regulator will be the Secretariat of Comlot.

Responsibility of Gespa

As far as the new body’s roles are concerned, Gespa will be responsible for developing a healthy and responsible gaming atmosphere for Swiss citizens with regard to sports betting and skill-based games. By establishing a blacklist of websites that operate without a license, the regulator will also fight against illicit gambling.

Besides this, Gespa can work hard to avoid future exploitation. Reports will be prepared and both local and foreign bodies, including sports organisations and gaming companies, will be notified. It will also be responsible for collecting an annual gambling-related statistics report and for presenting information on revenue from sports betting and lottery events.

More on Gespa

Gespa is a Swiss Gambling Supervisory Authority that permits players to compete in a secure atmosphere in lotteries, sports betting competitions, and skill-based games. It carries out numerous duties, such as approving and monitoring betting operators and their games, and countering illicit gambling. Gespa is also the national Swiss forum that aims to stop any sort of abuse of sports betting.

It is also the duty of Gespa to ensure that large operators pay attention to gambling hazards such as bribery, gambling issues and money laundering. Gespa supervises operators to adhere to responsible standards as part of its supervisory activities. It is situated in Bern, Switzerland’s capital.