Swiss Casinos iPoker Network Deepening Playtech Alignment

Published: 1st December 2020
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 30th November 2022

After the company announced that it is to introduce the iPoker Network of the gaming technology firm to the country for the first time, Swiss Casinos Group has deepened its alignment with Playtech.

The operator, which has four land-based locations across the country, first partnered with Playtech in September 2019 in Schaffhausen, Pfäffikon, St Gallen and Zurich as part of its stable.

This saw Playtech announce its entrance into the controlled market, with Swiss Casinos becoming the country’s first operator to introduce a live casino offering and titles for jackpot casinos.

Marc Baumann, Swiss Casinos Group CEO, said: “Launching our online casino offering in partnership with Playtech over the past twelve months has been incredibly rewarding, and we are excited to be bringing the network to Switzerland for the first time.

“By working closely with Playtech, we can learn more about our players and create the most effective, tailored experience possible, allowing us to adapt to the market and the changing demands of our audience for many years to come.”

Playtech believes that its core poker strategy is to provide operators with long-term profitability and creativity and a secure, enjoyable environment for players.

The scale and consistency of the network enables the organisation, regardless of the size of its player base, core business or marketing strategy, to appeal to a wide variety of partners.

Shimon Akad, Playtech’s chief operating officer, explained: “We’re proud to partner with leading operator Swiss Casinos. At Playtech, we are continuing to invest in expanding and evolving our software and network to address the future of online poker head-on.

“Having invested heavily in our new poker web client, in addition to our native Poker app and popular downloadable desktop poker client, we can offer operators access to an exceptionally flexible platform as well as an ever-growing network.

“We have migrated major new brands to the iPoker network this year, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Swiss Casinos. We look forward to a strong and successful partnership with Swiss Casinos.”

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