Swedish ATG Will Cease Foreign Customer Registrations

Foreign/non-national customer registrations will no longer be accepted by AB Trav och Galopp (ATG), the operating business of Swedish licenced horse racing and trotting facilities.

Following the implementation of new guidelines under Sweden’s new regulatory system in 2019, ATG venues were compelled to register all players wagering at their locations.

Following an internal review, ATG management has decided to stop accepting foreign player registrations, citing that legal requirements had resulted in “cumbersome outcomes” because venue teams were required to perform significant administrative tasks in order to register foreign players and distribute their winnings.

Sweden’s national ID registry systems

Customers who are not registered with Sweden’s national ID registry systems will no longer be able to bet on ATG tracks or sports.

“From 1 July, it is no longer possible for foreign visitors to Sweden to open a temporary account with ATG to play in the terminal on the track and in the store,” ATG’s statement read.  

“Customers without the opportunity to obtain an ATG account are referred from 1 July to their respective home countries’ gaming companies and the rules that apply to them. Many foreign visitors today can play via a gaming company in their home country when they are in Sweden. This is a decision made by ATG after an overall assessment.” 

Digital makeover project

According to ATG, the move was made to align with the company’s broader “digital makeover project,” which would see all existing wagering terminals phased out and replaced with ID-required machines.

ATG has stated that only syndicated partners will be able to welcome overseas players wagering on its Swedish racing markets and pools in the future.

This summer, ATG launched its new V64 Xpress competition structure, which aims to rekindle public interest in the Swedish trotting season’s winter schedule.

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