Svenska Spel Confirms Erika Svanström’s Appointment

The appointment of Erika Svanström as the new Group Head of Public Affairs, heading the management of the corporate relations of the Swedish state-owned gambling operator with all national stakeholders, was confirmed by Svenska Spel.

Svanström, who is expected to join the executive management team of Svenska Spel on 2 November, has formally worked via her personal consulting BridgeMaker PR as a corporate advisor to the governance of Svenska Spel.

Svanström, a leading figurehead in Swedish public relations, is the former Chief Communications Officer for the Swedish transport group Sveriges Åkeriföretag, representing 6,000 businesses.

Svanström has also worked as senior policy advisor to the Christian Democratic Party of Sweden, representing the political party in the EU Committees and in the area of foreign relations.

Joakim Mörnefält, Svenska Spel’s Communications Director, confirmed Svanström ‘s appointment, adding that the company’s board planned to strengthen its stakeholder management as Sweden’s gambling industry re-adjusts after its re-regulation in 2019.

“I’am very happy to welcome Erika Svanström to Svenska Spel. She will have an important role as responsible for our activities in Public Affairs,” said Mörnefält. “As a state-owned gaming company, Svenska Spel will be a role model for the industry. We want to take that responsibility on a broad front.

“The gaming industry is undergoing major changes, including the government’s ongoing gaming market investigation, which is extremely important for getting order and order in the industry. It is therefore valuable to be able to strengthen with Erika’s solid competences.”