Svenska Spel Approves SEK 3.2 Billion In Direct State Dividends

Svenska Spel’s board of directors has recommended paying the Swedish government an extra SEK 3.2 billion (€310 million) dividend to help emergency responders in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposed dividend would be paid directly from Svenska Spel’s corporate accounts, and the agreement will be approved at the company’s annual general meeting on Tuesday, April 27.

Contributing to the treasury

Erik Strand, Chairman of the Board of Svenska Spel said: “As the operator of Sweden’s national lottery, I am proud that we can contribute to the Treasury through the proposed dividend of SEK 3.2 billion.

“Parts of our operations are still affected by the pandemic, but as a whole we have good growth and profitability for the Group. Therefore, it is also possible to make this extra dividend.”

Social responsibility goals

Despite strong COVID-19 headwinds, Svenska Spel reached its social responsibility targets in 2020, generating a record SEK 1.8 billion (€175 million) for Swedish charities.

Furthermore, Svenska Spel agreed to donate its SEK 445 million (€43 million) business income to Swedish charities.

Patrik Hofbauer, President and CEO of Svenska Spel said: “In addition to our profits going directly to Swedish citizens, we will continue to invest in society as a major sponsor of Swedish sports and by offering games in a responsible way.

“I am glad that Svenska Spel can repay society in several different ways, especially during this difficult time.”