Superbet Deepens Partnership With SafeCharge For Enhanced European Growth

Superbet is pursuing enhanced European growth, after deepening its relationship with SafeCharge, to start adopting more local payment techniques in an effort to capture fresh economies across the continent.

SafeCharge, a company from Nuvei, has revealed an expanded link with Romania’s head office to allow the business to work across fresh regions in Europe, including Cyprus and Poland.

Superbet will have access to an even higher selection of local and alternative billing techniques in addition to the payment service partner, providing seamless deposit and removal of player money.

Yuval Ziv, chief commercial officer at SafeCharge said:

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Romania’s leading gaming operator, further enhancing its users’ customer experience.

“The gaming landscape keeps evolving with stricter regulations and new payment methods. Our technology platform is the ideal choice for operators to keep up with regulatory requirements, whilst delivering a seamless user experience for players.

“With innovation at the heart of what we do, we look forward to collaborating with Superbet, further enhancing their players’ experience and supporting their geographical expansion across new territories with the addition of local and alternative payments.”

Following a good relationship with SafeCharge, which fosters greater conversion prices, the Superbet group has embarked on an expansion to promote transfers of money and provide the greatest user experience in overseas regions.

SafeCharge helps Superbet, a provider of internet and mobile gaming alternatives in Romania (with Poland and Cyprus scheduled to start shortly), provide faster payments and mobile gaming alternatives.