Super Roulette Slot

This Super Roulette slot game will take you into the world of American Roulette. Get to find out more about this fantastic slot game when you engage with it.

Suppose you have played the popular Playtech online casino game called Roulette. In that case, you will not find it difficult to understand the workings of this version of the same favourite game from the same developer.

This version of the Super slot game is more enhanced, and as with most slot games from Playtech, it is very entertaining. The slot machine offers players an extensive distribution of profits, which is why the Super slots casino game is quite popular among slot players.

About Super Roulette Slot Game

Super Roulette is one of the casino games that might make you doubt if it is a slot game. It comes as Roulette, a table game that many casino game players have fallen in love with amongst other game releases. This Superslots casino game can be traced back to the French, and you can play the game with real money or play the demo version of the mobile casino game free.

So you can thank the French for making this idea available for Playtech and other mobile device slot developers. If you have no experience with how roulette games work out, you might have a lot of learning to do. The developer’s colour scheme is very suitable for this popular variation game.

How To Play Super Roulette Slot Online

If you are interested in roulette games, you should start with a massive selection of live roulette games. These steps will help you get a clue as to how the online slot game mechanics operate. However, if you want to know how it applies to slots, you need to pay attention to the wagering requirement, rollover requirement, and playthrough requirements of the dealer game.

  • The Super Roulette aims to predict the number of balls that will land on the Super wheel bank wires.
  • The first thing you need to do is to know the number of wheels available to get hot streak wins in this poker game.
  • The second thing you should do is place your bet in this online casino space.
  • The next thing is to spin the Roulette wheel when playing with real money in this desktop casino.
  • You will make resounding wins if your wager accounts for the number of balls that land on the wheels in this dealer casino game.

The Super Roulette game operating system is very modern and thus allows players to access it on all devices. You can play the slot using your tablet, iOS, desktop devices, android devices, and other mobile devices.

Interactive Features

There are so many opportunities to win with this classic roulette slot game. You have access to several unique features to ensure that you make all the wins in the classic table game. You have some lucky numbers that range from 1-5 in the gamble feature. These numbers can give you a payout of 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, and 500x your bet stake, respectively. Recent winning numbers appear during the gameplay to help you set up your strategy around the average wins in this casino tournament.

Game Symbols

The symbols of this online game are just like the older version. You will find the numbers 1-36, a zero, and a double zero as the game numbers created by the software provider in this internet casino. This gives the dual ball slot an American feel with such a layout. The initial payout is equivalent to that of the other slot with a slight difference in payout speeds; you will find a yellow pocket on the game’s wheels, which gives you additional gameplay to qualify for the jackpot multi-hand blackjack.

Bonus Features

The bonus games, including the match bonus, exclusive one-time-only bonus and active bonuses, come up when the wheel expands to form two more reels, which start to spin. There are also features such as a max bonus, match-reload bonus, reload bonuses, generous bonuses, member-exclusive bonuses, etc. Once this spin begins in this slot selection, the ball will enter the pocket, which lines up with the results of the ring of numbers in this online table game. The numbers it generates will be the wide range of numbers for the bonus round of the wild casino game. Other bonus features and special promotions include the following.

  • Yellow Spot Bonus: If you can land the yellow spot, the wild casino bet stake will now amount to 120-1. If the two wheels land yellow, you have a mouth-watering 1200-1 payout for yourself.
  • Free Spins Money Bonus: You will get a free spins money bonus when you can land the two wheels bonus round in this casino online slot. With this feature in place, you will be able to gather extra money online on all of your cash game bets.

What Symbol Triggers Super Roulette Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Anytime you can hit the bonus round of this classic slot game, you will be eligible to gain two free spins. In addition, you can also get a double spin and a respin, which will give you double your original bet stake wager.

Paylines and Stakes

The paylines and stakes for this Super Roulette slot game are not available. Once it is known, you will get more information regarding that. The minimum deposit, which you will use to place your wager and the maximum stake, will also be available when ready. However, the payout methods come with credit cards, major credit cards, wire transfers, bank checks, bitcoin cash, etc., which are also payment methods.

Super Roulette Slot Game Software

Super Roulette Slot is from the stables of renowned casino software developer Playtech. This software developer is in charge of several innovative games that you will find in the casino industry today. They are seen as a visionary in gaming and provide extra software for major legacy payment processors. The team of specialists in charge of creating games for the company is known for creating games of any style or theme that one can imagine.

Their delivery platform is also one mark that makes them stand out amongst other software developers. For example, suppose you are looking for a casino developer with many popular games, including pokers, video poker, joker poker, oasis poker, triple edge poker, online poker, pai gow poker, bingos, slots, card games, Caribbean poker, etc. in their stable. In that case, Playtech company should be foremost in your mind.

What is Super Roulette RTP?

The Return to Player Average for the Super Roulette Slot game is a theoretical 97.30. This RTP does not mean that you will win 97.30% of the time; it is more complicated than that. However, you have to remember that if you play with the best strategies over the split, line, corner wagers, you will see yourself smiling to the bank at the end. Slot experts recommend the payout percentage as a good RTP for slot games.

Slot Volatility

Super Roulette is a medium-volatility slot game. Combining this medium volatility with the high RTP rate will let you know that you are in for a long haul of wins. If a slot game of this nature has medium volatility, it is to the advantage of slot players, especially newbies. They will be able to experience the thrill of the game without breaking the bank.

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If you happen to be a lover of slight action games, you might have yourself a friend in the Super Roulette Slot. It is usual for slot developers to make altered versions of old slots worse for slot players who try to engage with them. However, Playtech changes the narrative in this sequel slot game.

Games with double zeroes usually make progressive jackpot slot players run away from them, but this particular slot gives people reasons to increase its popularity. If you decide to play the bonus bet, it comes with a shallow house edge of less than 2%. With this, you will find the game better than the regular single zero roulette game.

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