STS CEO Purchases €1m Shares In Better Collective AS.

The Chief Executive & President of Polish market leading bookmaker STS, Mateusz Juroszek, has purchased €1 million in shares in the Stockholm-listed industry affiliate marketing publisher Better Collective AS.

The transaction was carried out through Juroszek’s gambling investment vehicle Betplay international and will be jointly owned by his Juroszek’s father Zbigniew Juroszek, the founder and president of the Polish real estate and building conglomerate ATAL Group SA.

The Juroszek family has bought 140,000 shares in the Copenhagen-based Better Collective, a major publisher of igaming and sports betting domains across Europe, expanding its services aggressively with the US market.

Making a private declaration through Betplay International, Juroszek detailed trust in Better Collective fulfilling its US aspirations, noting the established track record of the publisher in launching fresh products and meeting the requirements of the saturated betting market.

“This is one of the largest companies on a global scale, which bases its activities on partner systems in its services, which have about 7 million visits per month. Over recent years, the entity has made many acquisitions in various parts of the world worth several dozen million euros. An interesting business model also translates into efficiency – because the company increases its financial results abruptly and today is valued at about 320 million euros ” Juroszek detailed to Polish media.