STS adds Liga Siatkówki To Portfolio Of Polish Sports

STS has signed a partnership deal with Polska Liga Siatkówki (PLS) to ensure that the Polish betting firm becomes the league’s official partner and bookmaker.

The contract, which will last for four seasons until 2023, will see STS benefit from an advertisement exposure throughout the league’s games, with its logo featuring in all matches as well as on exterior LED boards and on press walls. In addition, the arrangement further enhances the company’s involvement in volleyball and Polish sport.

Mateusz Juroszek, CEO of STS, commented: “The agreement between STS and PLS is the next stage in the implementation of the strategy of supporting domestic sport and Polish volleyball. We are currently an official partner of, among others, the Asseco Resovia team, seven Ekstraklasa clubs and the Polish national football team.

“As the largest private sponsor of Polish sport, we also support many organisations and players throughout the country. The agreement with Polska Liga Siatkówki is part of the plan of cooperating with the most recognisable sports brands; PlusLiga is definitely such a brand. Our agreement will translate into a number of benefits for STS, the league, and, above all, the fans.”

STS has built a reputation as an effective partner, carrying out many innovative initiatives in partnership with clubs and fans from across Poland, such as monitoring the loudness of cheering fans and putting the logo of the Sport Twoją Szansą Foundation on match shirts.

In fact, the proceeds from post-match sales of these exclusive game shirts are then donated back to the charity to aid in the treatment of the individuals responsible for the charity.

Juroszek concluded: “At STS, we have always focused on people who are passionate about sport. This is because they are the ones who create a unique atmosphere during competitions. For this reason, a large part of our cooperation will be activities aimed at volleyball fans.”

The deal will also see the STS logo on the website of the league and on its social media platforms.

STS is also preparing to organise events targeted at clubs and supporters, with the bookmaker also having its own pool of tickets to be sold to fans of individual teams.

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