STATSCORE Enlisted As Polish Ekstraliga And 2. Liga Data Provider

Polish sports data and statistics provider STATSCORE has been appointed the official data provider of the Polish Women’s Ekstraliga Top Flight and the Third Division 2. Liga of the Men’s.

The agreement is an expansion of the company’s original 2020 agreement with the Polish Football Association (PZPN), which saw STATSCORE deliver statistics for the  second-tier men’s 1. Liga.

Biggest sports data centre in the world.

Tomasz Myalski, CEO of STATSCORE said: “We warmly welcome the Women’s Ekstraliga and the 2. Liga of football among STATSCORE’s partners! It’s thanks to you that we’re able to build the biggest sports data centre in the world.

“As a company that strategically supports Polish sports, we’re happy to be able to support the development and promotion of two more leagues operating in our country. 

“Fans of 2. Liga and Ekstraliga will surely appreciate the advanced statistics and exceptional live coverage of the games of their favourite teams.”

Terms of agreement

Under the terms of the new agreement, the LeagueCentre channels will be merged into the Łączy nas piłka website into the official league websites, while equivalent TeamCentres will be added to the individual clubs’ official websites.

Pawl Guminak, chairman of 2. Liga said: ““We know how important the analysis and statistics are nowadays, and how well they attract the attention of football fans. 

“We can say that they have become a crucial, or even indispensable, feature of this sport.

“We are also happy to keep improving the quality of the league by establishing such a collaboration.”

Better and more effective coverage

STATSCORE and both the Women’s Elkstagliga and Men’s 2. Liga stated that the cooperation would allow the PZPN to provide better and more effective coverage of the competitions.

Radosław Firlej, Business Development Manager at STATSCORE added: “The cooperation of STATSCORE and the Polish Football Association is a good example of reaching our goals in relation to sports organisations.

“We are glad that new competition organizers recognize the vast and unique opportunities of development that our company offers to sports tournaments as their Official Data Provider.”

Futsal Ekstaklasa

STATSCORE was chosen as the naming rights sponsor of the Futsal Ekstaklasa in August last year and, as a consequence, was incorporated into the current logo of the competition, gaining major media attention.

In October, this was accompanied by an agreement with sportsbook Altenar that saw the two join forces to develop ‘high-quality’ widgets for LivematchPro.

In 2018, the data provider was named one of Central Europe’s 50 fastest growing technology firms, and also maintains partnerships with Le Figaro and Onet media outlets, and Ladbrokes and Eurobet bookmakers.