Stats Perform Pledges Full Support To IBIA

Stats Perform pledged its full support to the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) statement, which this morning released a set of minimum requirements regulating the procedures for collecting betting data for sporting events.

According to IBIA, the auditing process will be carried out by eCOGRA, an industry expert, while those parties who pass the independent audit will have access to the Kitemark Data Standards.

In response, Stats Perform immediately stated that it is going to apply for the procedure, showing that in its betting data operations it meets and goes beyond those expectations.

Stats Perform has continually advocated for best practise practises as an associate member of the IBIA and the premium provider of betting and results data to the sports and betting industries when it comes to event data that drives betting markets.

The announcements follow the IBIA ‘s launch in May of a project to establish a set of principles to help protect the integrity of sport, its data and the betting markets fuelled by that data.

Stats Perform, as the first private company to support the initiative, looks forward to collaborating with the IBIA and its members to encourage minimum standards and lead the way in the consistency and integrity of its own supply chain of data.

Andrew Ashenden, Stats Perform ‘s Chief Betting Officer, said: “Implemented and monitored effectively, a global set of standards would contribute positively across the sports and betting industries from an integrity perspective. At Stats Perform, we have a longstanding programme of investment in maintaining the strongest quality assurance and integrity processes across our data supply chain.

“We look forward to working with the IBIA on best practices going forward and to demonstrate through the independent audit process how Stats Perform is going the extra mile to ensure the reliability and credibility of its data.”

Jake Marsh, Global Head of Integrity at Stats Perform, added: “Data is an incredibly important part of the sports integrity ecosystem. At Stats Perform robust data quality and integrity is the fundamental priority and this is reflected in the investment in our data supply chain and in our consistent public advocacy for best practice standards in this sector.

“Our approach to data incorporates close collaboration with the sports and betting industries and we look forward to working with the IBIA and other stakeholders on best practices to help protect the future of integrity in sport and betting.”