Stats Perform Name Nick Cockerill As VP of Sports Betting Products

Former Sky Betting & Gaming technology veteran Nick Cockerill has been named by Stats Perform as the new Group VP of Sports Betting Products.

Cockerill joined Stats Perform this month to head up Stats Perform’s betting innovation arm, for which the sports tech company aims to combine its data collection, sports analysis and media capabilities to grow its betting-related customers with new ground-breaking products.

Strategic growth

Stats Perform branded Cockerill as a key appointment to lead the strategic growth of its betting innovation unit, as during his seven-year tenure with Sky Betting & Gaming, the executive had worked on all core Sky Bet ventures.

As Sky Bet’s former Head of Technology, Cockerill led the engineering and development of the proprietary sports betting systems of the online bookmaker, regarded among the most advanced technology platforms in the industry.

Cockerill had led the sportsbook growth for merger partner The Stars Group Inc prior to leaving Sky Bet, helping launch its revamped sportsbook in new controlled markets.

On his Linkedin account Cockerill announced: “After 7+ incredible years at Sky Betting and Gaming/Stars Group/Flutter I can’t wait to start tomorrow at Stats Perform. 

“Everyone I’ve spoken to over the last couple of months has been so passionate about what we’re doing it’s hard not to be excited about our work to leverage AI and machine learning to deliver some brilliant new products and services to clients (and future clients!) and their customers.”

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