StatHero Launch DFS Sportsbook ‘Rivals’

Known for its fantasy survivor pools, daily fantasy sports company (DFS) StatHero has announced the release of Rivals, a new daily fantasy sportsbook comprising a new DFS game format that allows users to compete against the house one-on-one.

‘First DFS sportsbook skill game on the market.’

Rivals was described in a company release statement on Tuesday as being unlike most DFS games that require users to play within a larger community, making it the’ first DFS sportsbook skill game on the market.’

The structure of Rivals, the company said, mimics a real sportsbook with no edits, time stamps, and complex odds. To beat StatHero’s line-up, players only set their buy-in and build the best line-up under the salary cap.

Operational in 32 states

Currently, Rivals has live matches for the playoffs of the NBA, PGA, NHL and NFL, and is operational in the 32 states where StatHero is open. This nationwide launch, the company said, provides consumers with a sportsbook experience when playing a game of talent in states where sports betting is not legal, such as California, Florida and Texas.

One-on-one against the House

Rivals differentiate themselves by granting users, rather than thousands of other users, the chance to play one-on-one against the House. If StatHero’s line-up beats a user’s, they win. The award goes to the winner directly and is not divided among a group.

Before the game, players can also review lineups in their entirety. The company cites this feature as beneficial for consumers in that it allows them gain greater insight into building the best possible line-up. Furthermore, the consumer sets the stakes. Winner take-all, line-up versus line-up, the player versus the house is the aim of the game.

A game that focuses on the individual

Commenting on the launch, StatHero CEO Jason Jaramillo said: “For years, DFS players have yearned for an opportunity to control their own fate. A game focused on the individual, rather than beating thousands. A one-on-one game versus the house creates an experience that operates just like a sportsbook, giving users in states where betting isn’t legal the experience that they’ve been clamouring for. 

“We at StatHero are excited to provide our users with the most innovative DFS platform on the market that provides greater value, more opportunities to win, and an enhanced experience that will reshape the future of DFS.”